Men’s Only Bible Study

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Spiritual DisciplinesMen’s Only Bible Study starting Monday nights in April at 7:00 pm at Joe’s house, off Hwy 640 in Lithia.

For more information email Joe at or call him at 813-299-4454.

See JP Peer for more information. Books are available to borrow or purchase for a $10 donation.



A man said, “Tell me how to be good. I already know how bad I am.” That sentiment captures the intent of this book study. Unfortunately. many men – men who really do want to be good – end up living in a rut. Various surveys show that for every ten men in church:

  • 9 will watch at least one of their kids walk away from church
  • 8 do not find their jobs satisfying
  • 6 pay only the monthly minimum on their credit card balances
  • 5 have a major problem with pornography
  •  4 will get divorced (affecting 1,000,000 children per year)
  • 10 struggle to balance work and family.

Spiritual disciplines are the regular practices men cultivate when they want a closer walk with Christ. The spiritual disciplines can help us break a cycle or get out of a rut.